You ever wondered how the actors in a fiction film could fly around? Can the actor who plays Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk for real? Well, we all know that’s not true. It is possible because of the special effects called CGI technologies.

From the unbelievably beautiful sceneries to thrilling action scenes, there is CGI in movies. It is used for portraying a foreign country, animal footage, or any other graphics.

CGI technologies have been used in movies, video games, TV shows, web series, and other entertainment media.

Sometimes the team who looks after CGI may neglect some factors leading to a lousy CGI effect. It can lead to the failure in appeal and hence the failure of a movie.

A CGI is meaning the use of graphics and technology to make a scene more appealing and real. The laws do not allow the use of animals in films as they can be harmed and exploited. So to prevent any unethical publicity, the CGI in movies proves to be helpful.

What does CGI mean?

The CGI meaning is quite simple. It stands for Computer Generated Imagery. The effects used are like virtual illusions; that is, you might feel the visual is real. The figures, scenes, and characters may seem so realistic that they blend.

CGI movies produce an object or subject in the display area even though those things might not be physically present. Right from movies like Jurassic Park to the Avengers series, all have used the best CGI in movies.

One of the shocking yet helpful features of this technology was the creation of CGI historical figures. It means that CGI has successfully created an image of how specific figures in the past would have looked like.

These CGI historical figures have made an image of the unknown faces based on the old writings’ descriptions.

The graphical understanding and CGI meaning does not limit to one concept; there are many characteristics and types under that too.

First appearance of CGI in movies

The movie industry has a particular sector for VFX and special effects like CGI. So when was the first time that there was the use of CGI in movies?

The use of CGI for the first time in movies was seen in the 1973 film Westworld.

Did you know one of the best CGI movies of all time, Toy Story (1995), is the first full-length CGI movie?

The pros and cons of using computer imagery

As usual, the advantages come with some disadvantages too. So let us focus on the pros and cons of CGI in movies:


  • Low-cost option: CGI technologies are like one of the best options in case the budget is low. Although a lousy CGI is not advisable, many low budget films have to adopt cheap CGI methods to make a decent film. That is the reason why
  • The use of CGI in movies is a very convenient option for filmmakers. They need the necessary equipment and accessories for making the best CGI movies with a less hectic schedule and minimal finances.
  • A variety of genres can implement this technology. Science fiction, adventure, action, or horror movies might use CGI for better effects.
  • No need to travel to a country for shooting just one small scene, as the CGI in movies can make you reach from the East to the West in a few seconds.


  • A lousy CGI effect is easily noticeable and can disappoint movie enthusiasts easily. It is not a good visual at times when the CGI technologies fail abruptly.
  • CGI is something that has to be done with precision and focus, so only experienced professionals are hired. CGI in movies might be a deciding factor for its success, so a small mistake or negligence can lead to a more significant mistake.

The effect on the movie industry

The CGI historical figures helped science and other enthusiasts know what their idols looked like and discover new findings.

Since the best CGI movies helped the makers earn big, the trend has lead to a big competition within movies. CGI in movies has allowed the display of violence and action smoothly.

There is no harm to the action team, actors, or any living being during the filming. The ‘no animals were harmed’ sign is used by films very often as the animals showed are made from the CGI technologies.

CGI in movies is like a finishing touch; that is, it polishes the movie. If a particular scene in these CGI movies is not done correctly, it produces a bad CGI. It can cause the movie to fail badly because of the box office struggle faced by each movie.

Will actors become obsolete in the future, as CGI is improving?

A shapeshifting scene, flying scene, or a city destruction scene, all these are part of CGI creations. But these CGI movies have given rise to a very mind-boggling question of whether CGI would replace actors?

It is a thought which is similar to the theory of whether robots would replace humans. But logically thinking, these things cannot occur.

Even the best CGI movies will require actors and real background scenes. The authenticity of a film lies within the actors, and their outstanding performance gives it a feel. But the CGI technology is advancing fast, and there is not much of a bad CGI seen anymore because of the easy availability of resources.

There are many notable moments of use of CGI in movies, which gave the audience literal goosebumps.

Summary of CGI

Hoping that by the end of this article, the ones looking for CGI meaning have found their answers until now!

The CGI technologies have proven to be a cost-effective option, and the concept is diverse, so there is a lot of scope in the field. The graphics and art industry has emerged triumphant in causing CGI in movies over the years.

Nowadays, some CGI movies look so genuine that it feels like the fictional world or an imaginary city was made.

The creation of CGI historical figures was one of the most outstanding achievements in the CGI field.


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