The virtual world has been an arguable concept. Though it has introduced exciting and fun concepts of Virtual Reality like VR movies, it also has given rise to concerns.

A VR player is fascinating. And this innovation was introduced long back, and it caught the attention of lots of technology enthusiasts.

The problem is that the VR headsets are available, but most people have no idea about them. A VR experience includes 360 video experience; that is, you get to see in a 360-degree view.

The user can move around as they walk into the scenes shown in the VR movies. The thrill experienced is mind-blowing. The continuous use of a VR player can pose a danger due to the constant stress on eyesight, sudden movements, which might be a virtual simulation and anxiety issues.

The limitations can affect the individual if not used properly. Otherwise, the VR video player has to be tried by those who love to explore new technology.

Watching VR movies is a trip of enjoyment and adrenaline rush. But the thing is, the person watching it should have an attentive and devoted mind.

Types of videos you can watch on your VR Headset

The VR movies will let you go on a visual journey of the selected scene, although you may feel like you are present at the scene in person. There are many headsets available, including the Oculus quest. This headset allows you to watch movies and have a lovely gaming experience.

You can watch movies and TV shows; Entertainment shows on most of the streaming platforms, 360 video visual, 360-degree videos that are easily available on sites like Youtube.

So, what type of videos can you generally watch on a VR player?

  • You can watch three-dimensional videos and VR movies via the headset. You can get the 3D experience without visiting cinema halls.
  • 360-degree videos: Available on youtube, and the player can look around to watch the whole visual of 360-degree visuals.
  • 2D videos can also be viewed in the VR box.
  • Last but not least is VR videos. These are specially made for watching on the headsets. It is a combination of 3D and 360-degree visualization.

How do you get movies and videos onto the headset?

Along with VR movies, the VR headset allows users to choose games or download apps too. The Oculus quest is a good VR headset that will allow you to have the best walk through the virtual simulation world.

There is an app choosing feature in the VR headsets, which gives the user access to multiple options like applications and games.

The USB cable can be used to transfer the VR movies and videos from the phone or PC or stream them directly via the wireless connection. It depends on the VR headset being used.

All you need is a common Wi-Fi network for the devices, an active internet connection in direct streaming (without downloading videos).

How many movies can you watch on VR?

You can watch one movie or video at a time, but there are also games you can download and play.

A VR video player allows you to connect to your PC or phone, and it can be connected depending on whether it is wireless or not.

Best VR Headset to watch movies

The Oculus quest VR headset is an excellent choice for those who are new to the concept of a VR video player. This headset is user friendly and has a wireless connection. It means there is no need to worry about any wires or attached devices as you play or watch the 360 video games and movies.

One of this wireless headset’s best features is that it has sensors that can detect the movements due to the six degrees of freedom function.

It has the features of protection and advanced options. VR movies can be watched without the fear of accidentally hitting an object or a wall, for instance. The accurate detection by the sensors scans the surroundings and creates the visual accordingly.

The age limit for the use of the Oculus quest is 14+. Kids below 14 are strictly advised by the company not to use the VR player.

Is it safe for children?

The VR video player is a good entertainment source and gives you the ultimate experience of watching a 360 video or TV show. The problem is that it negatively affects an addict, and young children are supposed to stay away from it.

Kids might get fascinated by the simulation and motion. As good as the Virtual Reality concept is, it passes an unknown burden on the head. It can make the users feel stressed out.

VR movies might be fun to watch, but as soon as the user gets out of that VR box, it takes time to adjust to the real world and visuals. Since the eyesight and minds of kids are immature and young, it can affect them easily.

Adults have a sense of reality and the virtual world; that is, they know the difference. But a kid’s life involves innocence, lack of maturity, less knowledge of the real world, and they believe in the world of imagination.

So the kid might get affected if used heavily and regularly. It is best to avoid the use of a VR player until the kid reaches a certain age.


VR movies are one of the greatest creations which connected the virtual world to the real world. It has specific aspects attached to it. Though whatever you see is just a virtual simulation, the player can see the 360 video graphics and feel the environment due to the visual stimuli.

If you are eager to buy a VR box and are a first time user, you can opt for the Oculus Quest headset. The guidelines and safety rules of this VR video player are to be followed.

Also, prevent excessive use and binge-watching of VR movies as it might harm your overall well-being.

It is advisable to take intervals and rest in between the movie experience. The reason for not watching VR movies in a non-stop manner is nearly fatal.


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