The concept of dimensions might be a bit confusing. The journey of technological advances has come to a stage where there are distinctive features on all devices. The 3D movies are versions of average movies, the difference being that it is in a three-dimensional view.

Such a movie or video’s characteristic attracts more audience as the top 3D movies have taken over the industry. Even with more 3D movies in the sector, 2D movies are more watched by people. It is because of fewer theatres offering the 3D services.

There are many requirements and equipment needed for watching the best 3D movies. The experience of watching the 3D movies make a better impact than the original 2D versions.

Movies like Avatar were quite famous for being one of the best 3D movies as it gave the feel of the whole scenario shown. The film or video makers intend to bring the live simulation of being around the characters in these movies’ scenes.

The thought of making your home into a 3D theatre must have indeed crossed your mind at least once so that you could enjoy the top 3D movies by just sitting at home.

But are you aware of how this all started? The first 3D movie, which was commercially shown was The Power of Love in the year 1922. This movie was not just the first 3D movie screened in America, but also the first in the world. The movie was a silent film and received quite a good rating during the time. Even though the movie was 3D, it did not gain much popularity.

Equipment needed for 3D viewing

So here is what all you need to watch 3D movies:

  • A 3D television or a suitable device capable of displaying the top 3D movies you might want to watch. Even if you have a standard TV, you should see whether you can view 3D movies on it.
  • An alternative for a 3D TV is a projector. This particular projector might not be financially convenient. But if you can afford it, then it might be a better option.
  • The 3D glasses are an essential part of the 3D viewing experience. These glasses are specially made, and without a pair of 3D glasses, there is no use of watching even the best 3D movies.
  • Finally, it would be best to have a 3D movie or video clip that is supposed to be played.
  • There are various other ways to get 3D clips. Cable TV also displays 3D videos if the subscription is taken. Also, streaming platforms have come up with 3D features.
  • Youtube also has many 3D videos that can be watched for free.

The difference in 3D glasses

The glasses used for 3D viewing are of three varieties. Polarized, Anaglyph, and Shutter glasses are types.

The polarized glasses have a different color, and it does not allow the light to enter your eyesight with its brown-yellow shade. The lenses might be gray. As the name suggests, it causes polarization, and thus it filters the images.

The most popularly known are the Anaglyph ones. They are the typical blue-red glasses, which use special lenses of the said colors for the 3D effect. These lenses act as filters the red and blue (cyan color to be precise) and make the images 3D.

The most modern type of 3D glasses is the shutter type. It is based on advanced technology. These glasses are costly and are battery operated or chargeable. The LCD screen technology is implemented in these, and it displays excellent image quality. Hence the cost is justified.

How can I watch if I wear glasses?

People who wear spectacles or glasses regularly have complained of how wearing 3D glasses alone is not comfortable. If they remove their regular glasses and wear 3D glasses for viewing the movies, it strains their eyes.

A person with normal eyesight can freely watch a 3D movie, but care must be taken by avoiding continuous 3D exposure.

So how can people with glasses watch 3D movies?

  • You can wear clip-on glasses. In this case, you can change the lens and keep the same frame.
  • Commercially, special glasses are available now. They are not much popular, but the cost factor might be an issue for some.

3D viewing at home — Pros and Cons


  • It gives a thrilling movie experience, with adequate visual stimulation.
  • The virtual display makes the scene realistic.
  • Audience engagement and excitement have no boundaries so that this 3D viewing can be good entertainment for kids. It can be used for educational purposes too.
  • The theatre charges a lot more fees for each 3D viewing so that you can have a cheaper and convenient 3D movie experience at home.


  • Expensive tickets have to be bought for watching 3D movies, and this might be a slight setback. The extra cost is due to the special equipment needed.
  • The viewing angle for 3D movies might not be suitable at home. Watching 2D movies from any angle does not affect the movie experience. But, three-dimensional movies are compelling only if the seating arrangement is made correctly.
  • Less popularity has caused less availability of 3D movies and their equipment. It might be expensive to set up a 3D home theatre.
  • It depends on which 3D movies you are watching, as a particular genre can impact the content. In the case of jump scares in horror 3D movies, it may be fatal for heart patients.

Can I watch 3D movies online?

3D movies are readily available online. What you need are good internet connection and suitable devices.

You can get movies on famous streaming platforms and Youtube.

A 3D Summary

The 3D movies can give you a thrilling delight. The viewers are advised to take care of their health, and an underage audience is mostly prohibited.

The first 3D movie that you watch might be a deciding factor on whether you like them or not. There are instances wherein the movie enthusiasts suggest watching a 2D movie instead.

Once you get the 3D glasses and other necessary equipment, you might think of keeping a movie snack bucket beside you! So you can enjoy the 3D viewing with some munching!


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