With the years advancing, the technology has also stepped up. We are living in a world where online platforms like Amazon Prime has made the entertainment section fun.

Over the top platforms, better known as the OTT platforms, have replaced the Television channels. Amazon Prime Movies and TV shows are top-rated.

But new users and subscribers are confused about some features. What does Amazon Prime Movies offer, and what is displayed via Amazon TV are some questions that people have been wondering?

The Amazon video library has multiple options like movies, TV shows, classics, originals, and even web series. One exciting aspect is that you can watch live TV channels too. Add them according to your preferences and enjoy the services.

If you have multiple devices on which the streaming has to be done, what you need is an Amazon family account. Not just you, but your whole family can watch the show of their choice.

Here is a guide on how you can use Amazon Prime Movies and stream it without any interruptions. Also, know about the Amazon monthly payments and subscriptions.

How to watch and download amazon prime movies?

Nowadays, most of the individuals own a smartphone. The features present on the phone has helped them explore different aspects. So Amazon Prime Movies has a mobile application that enables the user to watch TV shows and movies anytime.

To avail of all the services and get access to the special features, you need to sign in. after signing in, you must make a Prime account. Once you are a Prime Member, you need to make Amazon monthly payments or pay directly for a year.

The streaming service is referred to as the on-demand service; that is, you can watch whatever you want without any restriction. Amazon Prime Movies can be watched on your mobile phone via the official application, or even your laptop can be used to watch it via the website. Apart from these two options, the Amazon TV option is practical too. Further, in the article, the TV option details are discussed.

So how can you watch Amazon Prime Movies and shows on:

  • Smartphones: Through the mobile application of Amazon Prime
  • Laptops: Via web browsers on the official website
  • Smart TV: Download the application and choose your entertainment options from the Amazon video library

Main benefits of Amazon Prime

The best part about the membership is the free trial of 30 days. This trial can help the user decide what plan is to be taken and whether to continue with Amazon Prime Movies. It depends on the user experience.

Secondly, these Prime membership advantages are not just limited to your Amazon video library. If you order a product from Amazon Shopping, then the Prime membership will get you the product delivery for free and within two days. This 2-day free delivery option is a perk for Amazon Prime Movies subscribers.

The Amazon family account option will be an added advantage to the users. There is an option of Amazon Household where a prime member can share his/her benefits with the other adult members. So the shared accounts have access to Amazon Prime Movies, shopping advantages like free delivery and exceptional prices, etc.

One more benefit is the early screening of some movies and TV shows. The Amazon Prime Movies streams these TV shows and movies before they are aired on the televisions. Search for the popular shows and films in the Amazon video library.

Can you watch movies together on Amazon Prime?

The notable feature of sharing the account is quite advantageous. Users can share their accounts, and hence Amazon Prime Movies can be accessed and watched on multiple devices.

This option is financially convenient for many users who might not be able to afford a membership. Hence, the Amazon family account is the right choice.

Amazon Prime Movies lets people watch at the same time on only three devices, but. So this means that unlike other streaming services, Amazon has the edge over user experience and convenience.

Check out the Amazon video library option for original content and early access to movies and shows. There is a variety of choices for users of all ages.

The Amazon family account is the key to privacy and suitability for some users. If the elders are streaming a TV show of their choice on the TV, then the younger generations can watch a movie on their smartphone or laptops.

How do I sign into Amazon Prime on my TV?

Users can also connect their TV to their account, making it Amazon TV. For accessing the feature, the users should own a smart TV.

The connection of your Amazon TV is quite simple. First of all, the application has to be downloaded on your TV set. Linking your account to the smart TV is user friendly, that is, you have to register into your Prime account.

Here are the subscription plans of the Prime membership in India:

  • Per month: Rs 129
  • Per year: Rs 999

The user can opt for either Amazon monthly payments or pay the annual subscription in a go.


On the one hand, Amazon shopping is quite popular throughout the world. At the same time, Amazon Prime Movies is quite reputed in the entertainment sector.

So what all makes Prime membership offer? Get your entertaining and fun-filled pack of movies along with free deliveries on your shopping experience. Also, enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV channels, and unlimited access to original web series.

For the best experience on Amazon TV and Amazon Prime Movies, among other services, you need to have a consistent and robust internet connection with suitable devices. The devices used like smartphones, TVs, or laptops need to be compatible.

The payment options are entirely appropriate for the audience from all economic backgrounds. There is a thirty-day trial that allows the user to explore the Amazon Prime membership features free of cost.

The Amazon family account is a function of the Amazon household feature. It enables the simultaneous use of three devices at a time, regardless of the type of device, shows, or movies.


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