Chilling with Netflix and its online movies is the new customary of Vietnam today. Having Netflix sounds like a compulsion, but is it true that way? Guess, no!

Netflix is good, and it’s not a thing to disagree with. However, what’s better are the Free movie streaming websites that serve the same thing as Netflix but for free. There are plenty of such websites that don’t charge fees for the movies they provide. And with the term ‘free,’ you might doubt their standard.

To your surprise, they are no less than Netflix! So if you have not been subscribed to Netflix or any other OTT platform, you can still catch the race of Online movies.


Watch online movies for free at

Bunch of different movie categories and good user interface at

One of the fastest-growing free film streaming websites is the Pandafim, handled by an admin named Hai Dand. The website refers to its customers a timeline that follows a 20-minute break after a movie with 4 hours as the overall time to spend in a day.

Most people seem to love and appreciate this site because its algorithm is applied against abusive comments or toxic (controversial) ones.

While you may be coming here for Free movies, good customer support may not be your concern.

But do expect, because Pandafim acknowledges its customers’ dissatisfaction and thrives on correcting them. Moreover, they urge people to contact for any technical errors such as missing movies.


  • The latest movies are available with high quality.
  • With the latest movies, Pandafim originals are also uploaded.
  • Versatility is very, very good. From Asian to European, and then thrilling escapes to romantic settlements, Pandafim cares for every genre.
  • The website is occupied by HD quality movies that will keep it all clear and polished.
  • Young children under 13 are not allowed on pandafim.


  • Online movies that the site streams for free are for personal desires only. They cannot be manipulated for commercial purposes.
  • Users are not allowed to share the contents for personal gains.
  • Although you can comment and share reviews with other members, the commenting feature is not liberal and checked thoroughly.
  • Moreover, there are many terms and conditions that users have to follow. Slight negligence will lead to the account being banned.


Watch free online movies on /

Action movies and Comedies at Thichfim

Watching tv and movies on the internet is made easy and affordable by many free websites that include Thichfim.

This website’s likelihood is very chic and royal, making it a hard time for you to guess its subscription cost. But with astonishment, it is free!

Thichfim doesn’t have any point that may disturb the customer in any way. About the kind of movies, you can watch movies online uninterrupted upon choosing one. However, choosing here is not so easy. You have to pass through a pile of bewildering built from the vast movies of every line.


  • Neat and easy to understand interface.
  • Along with top-notch visual quality, you get amazing sound quality in Thickfim.
  • Minimum lags possible and a fast loading algorithm.
  • The IP address of the login page is stored to enable the anti-hacking system.


  • Commenting isn’t so fun since the Movie streaming limits the objectionable niche of comments, irrespective of them being true or false.
  • Extended data with images cannot be uploaded.


Watch rhe latest movies for free at Phimnhanhtv8

Main page of Phimnhanhtv8. Free online movie service

Yet another website to give out the latest and free movies is the Phimnhanhtv8. The best website for Vietnam would be this one since it has accurately curated captions and subtitles under every film. Also, there are the latest movies that drop every day. With ‘latest,’ it also means that they are a blockbuster.

It has a very thorough interface that lets you select a movie, search for the favorable one easily and watch it with subtitles. Hollywood, Spanish or Korean; thriller, romantic, or comedy, you can watch online movies here with sheer understanding.

The establishment of Phimnhanhtv8 comes long after other mainstream websites. Despite that fact, customers seemed to have chosen Phimnhanhtv8 over others. Well, the reason for this is obvious and reasonable.

First, the management is very humble and kind enough to evaluate diverse ideas and general requests that a customer would reimburse.

Such brilliance for a free of cost Movie streaming website is great and bounded by success eventually.


  • Subtitles, surely, is the biggest perk here.
  • A couple of months after a movie is released, you get to see them available on Phimnhanhtv8, ready for the viewers.
  • Blockbuster’s list is updated regularly.
  • The quality of both the visuals and sound is superb.
  • The downloading feature is available. Also, live streams usually don’t lag.
  • Layouts are put in such a way that they are easy to understand and pick.


  • Quick running out of the internet, since the website pulls a strong internet (limited internet packs won’t work out here).
  • Rapid drainage of time as viewers tend to immerse in the website’s convenience completely.


Watch free online movies wihout ad at Bomtanhd8

Bomtanhd8 is one of my favorite online services to watch movies for free

The person behind this website is a movie fanatic himself, with a thriller being the favorite. To help every other Vietnamese movie fans, the admin has built this network. This network also allows you to watch movies on popular social media platforms like Facebook.

On Bomtanhd8, you get Vietnamese movies Streaming along with many other nations and every possible genre.

Not only does it have Vietnam subtitles, but something that is more convincing- Vietnam voice overs.

Indeed, the website is very appealing, and as such, the fact that Bomtanhd8 is very successful despite ignition in the initial days of 2020 may shock you.

But, don’t go with its establishment date because what is served is even better than those experienced and paid watching tv and movie websites.

It already has over 7k films, both international and regional. And by the way, these 7k films are those blockbusters that every viewer happens to fall in love with.


  • The interface is very easy to understand.
  • The loading is quick and doesn’t annoy its users.
  • Commenting and sharing views without many limits is available.
  • The sorting algorithm is very easy (check the snapshot above).
  • Regardless of how new the website is, Bomtanhd8 possibly has many older movies, including many from the 90s.
  • The standard quality is HD, but you can still alter them higher and lower as per your wish.
  • Being a Vietnamese and a foreign traveler, you will be the one to love it as its accessibility is almost everywhere mostly.


  • Contents of the website cannot be used for external purposes. Legal penalties may follow if caught.
  • Links in comments that are not concerned with the bomtanhd8 website are not allowed.
  • Two hours a day is the per day tally, but that may go up and down slightly.


Xemphimhay88 - one of the best Netflix alternative in 2020

Watch movies on HD quality at

In the era where people watch movies online now and then, the iconic websites that offer them deserve applause and are featured. Well, it simply means that xemphimhay88 cannot be missed.

So, on the fourth, it is the spot for, a free movie streaming website dedicated to every movie fan.

If you are looking for a website only for the movies, Xemphimhay88 film streaming will give no chance for complaints. And if you are looking for an overall experience, you will still have no complaints from customer support to page convenience.


  • Every type of movie genre and country is available on the website.
  • Starting from blockbusters of the 90s to today’s blockbusters, xemphimhay88 is filled up with only what is bound to be loved.
  • Because this Free movie streaming website is very keen on harmony, they prohibit every kind of hatred that may spread via comments. Even the comments that go against the government of Vietnam are not allowed.


  • Low ram device probably won’t support your time on
  • One movie will eat up a large amount of internet data.


Do you remember the television era that seems to be a little boring now when compared? But neither of the people from that generation could conceivably think of something better, such as live internet streaming. Moving on. Recall how upsetting it was to mistakenly pass your favorite movie and then regretting later for not keeping the alarm on. Fortunately, those days are gone now!

Today, what movies you want is right away on your hands. You don’t need an alarm nor a television anymore. Just a compatible smartphone and internet data will do.

It is the era of internet live movies now. How advanced it has become, isn’t it? Online movies have bloomed to a height that one barely thought of in the past. With the hype, the sources as well have flourished. And today, the availability is a hundred times more for both free and paid websites.

While most people proceed with paid ones confiding it to be better, it is witnessed how free websites can be equally good. And with a harder search, you’ll even find some free websites that beat paid ones. The five websites mentioned in this article belong to the perfect category that keeps its paid rivalry behind. And by now, have you decided which one to opt for? Or are you anyway heading with 넷플릭스 and Làm lạnh?


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